General IQ800 Plus-N Black Solvent Ink Cartridge

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General IQ800 PLUS-N 12.7 mm Black Solvent Ink Cartridge is a high-quality

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Solvent Ink Cartridge IQ800 Plus-N Black General

The General IQ800 PLUS-N 12.7 mm Black Solvent Ink Cartridge is a high-quality printing solution for your industrial marking and coding needs. This cartridge is specially designed to deliver exceptional print quality and reliability, even in challenging printing environments.

The Innovative Ink, IQ800 is now available  as a solution for incidental print troubles such as nozzle clogging .

IQ800 plus will increase access to CIJ dominating applications with its longer throw distance , longer self life , and stable continuos printing

Featuring a 12.7 mm print height, this cartridge can produce crisp, clear, and highly visible black prints on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates, including plastic, metal, and cardboard. The solvent-based ink formula is specially formulated to resist fading, smudging, and abrasion, ensuring that your prints remain legible and durable over time.

The General IQ800 PLUS-N cartridge is easy to install and use, making it an ideal choice for high-volume printing applications in manufacturing, packaging, and logistics environments. With its superior performance and cost-effective price, this cartridge is an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimize their printing operations and achieve consistent, high-quality results.


General IQ800 Heatless Ink

This smudge-resistant ink is ideal for packaging and mail addressing applications when handling issues are a concern.This IQ800 ink has been filled into genuine HP manufactured thermal inkjet 45si cartridges. This IQ800 Heatless Ink has a shelf life of 9 months and there are no heater requirements.

The IQ800 Heatless Ink prints on:

  • OPP
  • PP
  • PET
  • PE
  • Aluminium
  • Blister Foil
  • Paper
  • Aqueous Varnish Coat
  • Gravure Print Surface
  • Rubber
  • Glass


Cartridge Type HP Thermal inkjet 45 Si Cartridge
Colour Black
Ink type Solvent Based Ink
De-cap time 1 hour under normal conditions & environmemt

* Not Guaranteed Specifications

Recommended printing parameter Voltage – 9.6 V

Pulse width – 1.6

Pulse Warming OFF
Dry Time 2-3 seconds ( depends on substrates)
Shelf Life 9 months from the ink fill date
Heater Requirements No Dryer necessary, Air Dry
Use / Storage conditions 15°C -35°C / 35% – 80% RH
Maximum Frequency 12kHz
Head Cleaning Clean lightly with dry cloth or IPA* Ethanol- contained cloth ( NO water /thinner)

weight 130 (Gm)
Dimension 11 * 8 * 3 (Cm)
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